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West Zone Marine Managements

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As a distinguished Master Mariner, Mr. Donel Joseph brings forth a wealth of experience, spanning over a decade, within the maritime industry. With six years of commendable sailing experience, he has earned a reputation as a visionary leader. Currently serving as the Director of West Zone Marine Pvt Ltd, he has made significant contributions to various companies in Crew Manning, Crew Management, Commercial Management, and Chartering domains.

His extensive involvement in esteemed maritime organizations has positioned him as a prominent representative, advocating for the industry's views on critical matters relating to Merchant Shipping and the Maritime Labour Convention. Under his guidance, the company has swiftly achieved its business objectives, earning the confidence of both the board and shareholders.

Mr. Donel Joseph

Director – Master Mariner

Mr. Sarath Lal's exceptional career as a Marine Engineer, with eight years at sea on diverse Offshore and Cargo vessels, underscores his expertise. In 2014, he transitioned ashore and joined West Zone Marine Pvt Ltd in April 2018. His valuable insights have been instrumental in spearheading the company's crewing and training operations for seafarers deployed on Offshore and Tanker fleet vessels, chartered to prestigious oil majors.

Mr. Lal's dedication and collaborative approach have become the cornerstone of West Zone Marine Pvt Ltd's success, fostering a culture of excellence.

Mr. Sarath Lal

Director – Marine Engineer

With an illustrious career spanning 25 years in senior positions at renowned Shipping Companies like Bibby Ship Management (India) Pvt Ltd, Executive Offshore, and V. Group Global India Pvt Ltd, Mr. Abby P. Narayanan holds a prominent position as the General Manager at West Zone Marine Pvt Ltd.

His deep understanding of crewing aspects has been honed through close interactions with seafarers and shore staff, culminating in an integrated framework that aligns with the ever-evolving demands of the industry. His vast shipping knowledge and strong relationships with staff and seafarers have flourished in the welcoming and supportive work environment fostered by the company.

Mr. Abby P. Narayanan

General Manager

A highly skilled and experienced Civil Lawyer, Mr. Saisankar is dedicated to guiding individuals and businesses through the complexities of Civil Law. Additionally, he boasts a commendable background as an accomplished company secretary with a specialization in corporate governance and legal compliance. Having practiced at the High Court of Kerala for over three years, Mr. Saisankar is renowned for his unwavering expertise, integrity, and client-centered approach.

As the company secretary of West Zone Marine Pvt Ltd, he plays a pivotal role in maintaining and streamlining the corporate governance framework, ensuring strict adherence to legal and regulatory requirements. His adeptness in handling intricate legal and administrative matters is unmatched, providing invaluable support to the board of directors and management.

Together, the exceptional talents of this distinguished team have cemented West Zone Marine Pvt Ltd's reputation as a leading force in the maritime industry, committed to excellence, innovation, and unwavering dedication to seafarers and clients alike.

Mr. Saisankar

Company Secretary / Legal Advisor