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Crew Management

West Zone Marine provides Crew Management, Vessel Management, and Technical Services to the offshore industry worldwide. We have an experienced technical team that brings its collective know-how to all aspects of vessel operations. We have also developed cost-effective operations management systems that are underpinned by safety, protection of life, and the environment. We have extensive ship management experience with offshore and diving support vessels (DSVs), remotely operated vessels (ROVs), and semi-submersible heavy-lift ships. We also manage Research, Pipe- and Cable-Laying, and some of the largest heavy-lift crane barges in the world.

Effective crew management plays a pivotal role in the efficient operation of any vessel. It guarantees that only appropriately qualified, trained, experienced, and dedicated individuals are entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing our clients' vessels.

Our comprehensive Crew Management services encompass a wide range of tasks carried out by the crew while onboard the vessels, in addition to handling all related onshore administrative duties.

We assume full responsibility for everything, including training, documentation, and certification, leaving our clients free to focus on other essential aspects of their operations.

We are a leading provider of highly skilled seafarers, fulfilling the Marine industry's demands and expectations. Our company offers top-notch vessels and excellent career opportunities for aspiring individuals.

We specialize in crewing for Offshore, Main fleet, Crew Boat, and TUG vessels, Tanker, Bulk Carriers, and Containers.

Our selection procedure involves gathering all applicants for general roster ratings at our selection hall, where designated officers from the crew section of SCI choose suitable crew members based on vessel requirements. In the absence of experienced personnel, the best candidates are selected. Preference is given to those unemployed for the longest period, provided they meet all rank, vessel type, and other requirements. After selection, documents are verified, and medically fit candidates proceed for a medical examination. Once cleared, the ratings are assigned to vessels after completing necessary formalities (e.g., visa, document verification, port formalities, etc.).