Safety Training


West Zone Marine Pvt Ltd Safety Training :

Our course module is based on marine industry approved guideline. These courses are intended to meet the minimum standards of proficiency in the personal safety and social responsibilities, personal survival techniques. The course also incorporates Helicopter Safety and Escape Training (HUET) course. A certificate of successful completion shall be issued to those participants who successfully complete the course and meet the assessment criteria.

    Training :
  • 1) H2S Safety Training :-The goal of the Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) course is to learn how to recognize when Hydrogen Sulfide is present in your work area and to describe the precautions necessary to work with Hydrogen Sulfide safely.
  • Course Content :
  • • Danger and safe handling of Hydrogen Sulphide (h2s) Gas.
  • • Tests and maintenance carried out on Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (S.C.B.A Sets).
  • • Precautions while entering in to enclosed spaces.
  • • Procedure to detect presence of hydrogen sulphide gas in a compartment, M.S data sheet, dragger toxic gas indicator. Dragger gas tubes and H2s detector maintenence.
  • • Introduction to fire prevention & fire fighting procedures.
  • • Hazards idetification & contigency planning.
  • 2) Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) Course :-FRC is for emergency response and rescue vessel crew, and is designed to meet fast rescue craft boatman training and development requirements. Fast Rescue Craft course will progress your training and development through theory and practical elements. You’ll cover aspects of handling the craft, casualty recovery and effective use of communications equipment.
  • Course Content :
  • • Features of fast rescue boats.
  • • Equipment to be carried in fast rescue craft.
  • • Launching & hoisting of fast rescue craft.
  • • Handling fast boats.
  • • Maintenance of boat’s and their equipping.
  • • Righting an overturned craft.
  • 3) HUET :-This course in Undertake Helicopter Safety and Escape (HUET) teaches the skills and theory required to improve an individual’s chance of surviving a helicopter ditching in water. The course provides basic working knowledge of emergency procedures in self-rescue techniques following a helicopter ditching and using an emergency breathing system.